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Add your tool to the directory

Note that your tool does not have to be hosted on Wikimedia Cloud Services/Toolforge. If you have a tool living on your own server, a Javascript gadget on a wiki, or a non-web tool such as a bot feel free to add it using the methods mentioned below.

If your tool is hosted on Toolforge, you can also easily be included in this directory by using Tools admin to add the needed fields.

Step 1

Add a toolinfo.json file to your tool. Your JSON file should look something like this. Hover over the properties to see a description.

    "name" : "hay-tools-directory",
    "title" : "Tools Directory",
    "description" : "Discover Wikimedia-related tools.",
    "url" : "http://tools.wmflabs.org/hay/directory",
    "keywords" : "tools, search, discoverability",
    "author" : "Hay Kranen",
    "repository" : "https://github.com/hay/wiki-tools.git"

The name, title, description and url properties are required. Both name and url need to be unique.

If you have multiple tools you can also declare multiple tools in one toolinfo.json, simply use an array with objects.

        "name" : "hay-directory",
        "name" : "hay-exturl",

Step 2

Make sure your toolinfo.json file is reachable over regular HTTP, for example:


Step 3

Add the link to your toolinfo.json file to the Wiki directory page. Simply put in on a newline. You can also add comments with a hash (#) to group your toolinfo.json files.

Step 4

Wait :). The crawler parses all toolinfo.json files every 60 minutes and saves them to a local database. If after a few hours your tool doesn't appear on this page maybe there was an error somewhere. Check the crawler logs. Logs are only kept for the latest crawl.

Step 5

There is no step 5. Enjoy! If you have any bugs or questions please submit them to the Github repo.


  • You can get a JSON file with all the data on this page right here.
  • If you want to search for more than one tag just separate them by space.

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